Once upon a time, I lived in a super conservative, religiously centered place called Utah Valley. Throughout my teenage years, I began to realize that the things I felt passionately about and believed in clashed pretty terribly with the way the majority of my peers felt. After deciding that Utah Valley was no longer the place for someone who was strongly pro-marriage equality, pro-choice, pro-gender equality, pro-love everyone, pro-wtf is up with organized religion but believe what you want and respect that I disagree, I chose to move to the PNW, where hippies and feminists and open-minded forward thinkers abound.

Unfortunately I seemed to have landed in a dark vortex of a town filled with people who’s attitude is “if it isn’t on Instagram or relate to my life directly, I really don’t give a shit”.

I guess I had this unrealistic, slightly na├»ve expectation that being in the PNW meant everyone I met would be like-minded. Or at least kind of like-minded. Instead, no one really seems to give a shit. About anything. And I don’t understand.

I’m a passionate person. I love expanding my knowledge and talking to people about their views on religion and philosophy and current events and happiness and feminism and life. These things matter to me, and I like to learn and I love hearing what other people have to say.

But very few people up here seem to have much to say. They care about their hair and their nails and other people’s opinions and take pictures of their food and watch videos about cats – and all of that is fine. I do some of that. But when I try to talk to them about things that matter to me, people react in a way that makes me feel like I’m ridiculous for caring. If I get angry at every day sexism, I’m told I’m overreacting. Nobody fucking cares about all of the states that have been passing marriage equality laws. Nobody wants to hear about how frustrated the food industry makes me. People roll their eyes when I choose to buy local or organic.

And I’ve found myself right back where I was in Utah. Surrounded by people who think I’m on the nutty side for giving a shit.

And goddamn, some days, it’s lonely over here.

I just don’t understand. Where’s the passion? Get angry at injustice, get loud, do SOMETHING.