What. The. Fuck. (A rant)

Last week, the supreme court ruled that requiring companies (such as Hobby Lobby) to provide no-cost access to birth control and emergency contraceptives to their employees would be violating their religious beliefs, since in some crazy way they see birth control and the morning-after pill as “abortion pills”.





Like… seriously?

This shit passed? People actually agreed with this bullshit?

I’m totally fine with the idea that some people are against using birth control, and I understand that some people believe that life begins the moment that sperm fertilizes that egg (even if I disagree). What I don’t understand — not even a little bit — is where they got the idea that they have the right to push their religious beliefs onto their employees. Not cool.

If you think birth control and emergency contraceptives are the devil – don’t use them. It’s that fucking easy. But don’t you fucking dare tell your employees that they can’t access no- or low-cost birth control. You do not have that right. Not even a little bit. Because you’re a goddamn corporation. You’re a for-profit conglomeration. You make money. Your purpose is to make money and sell shit. You are not a church. You are not spreading the word of God. You are providing a service. You employ people of all religions and faiths.

What the fuck happened to this idea of separation of church and state? I know our country has had an issue with that.. always.. but come on. You can’t sit here and whine that our country needs to go back to the constitution and then say that your fucking Christian beliefs trump the freedoms of anybody else. You can’t pick and choose which parts you’re cool with. That’s not how this is supposed to work.

What pisses me off is that this is exactly how this shit works.

If the founders of Hobby Lobby were of the Islamic faith, the supreme court would have voted against this shit so fucking fast. Which really shows that it has absolutely nothing to do with “religions freedom”. It’s more of a patriarchal-Christian freedom.

Did I mention that Hobby Lobby will still be providing coverage for viagra and vasectomies?

Isn’t that just peachy of them? It’s god’s will for a woman to get pregnant, but it’s definitely not god’s will for a man to be impotent. Makes complete sense, of course.

Besides, birth control is used for a slew of things besides just preventing pregnancy, such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, endometriosis, amenorrhea, PMS, and acne.

Basically, though, to me, it comes down to the simple fact that your ‘religious freedom’ stops short of controlling someone else’s life/choices.

I’ll respect you if you respect me, but seriously. Come on, you guys. This is just fucking ridiculous. It’s over the top. It’s not fucking okay.




Question Everything: a sleep-deprived rant about main-stream media’s bullshit

I recently read an article about America’s youth becoming increasingly subdued, moldable, and controllable, and although I’m not sure I agree with what the article had to say in its entirety, it did bring up a lot of points that I’ve recently become more and more frustrated with.

I feel as though this generation’s youth has become isolated, subdued, and cowed into submission; taking main-stream media and news outlets as gospel, our minds melded into exactly what monster corporations want us to be –blindly, and unquestioningly consumeristic. We eat up every word we see, absorbing it all until our brains are soggy with misinformation, and all the while nobody bothers to look up from their tv, their computer, their plate of falsities and corporate bullshit to question the legitimacy of it all.

Take a step back, think about it. Look at the way we live. It resembles so many of the science fiction stories written about a future in which people stop thinking for themselves and stop asking questions.

Stop it. Don’t allow our generation to become so easily convinced that everything is fine. Never stop asking questions. Never stop learning about the world around you.

Question everything, challenge everything.

That being said, I also think that those of our generation that continue to challenge the bullshit we’re fed are more well informed than generations gone by. The internet can be used for amazing things, so use it. Find and share the things they don’t want us to find. Keep learning, keep asking.

Xx mellory