Life Lessons from Pillow Pets

Whoa guys. I haven’t written anything in a while, so much craziness has been going on, but yesterday my brother and I had an incredibly interesting conversation that really made me think — and believe it or not it started because we saw an Olaf (from Frozen) pillow pet.

It seems as though, as human beings, we’ve decided that we are entitled to being alive – that good things should happen to us, and that we need to do everything we can to hang on to life as long as possible. As it turns out, I disagree.

Why this sense of entitlement? We’re alive because of a crazy set of circumstances and decisions that your conception and birth are part of. It’s just one thing after another – a crazy cycle of cause and effect. It’s a beautiful thing to be alive, but just being alive shouldn’t make you feel as though you deserve good things in life. I’m not saying you deserve bad things, just that everything good should be welcomed with happiness and open-ness, and everything bad should be accepted as a way to learn and grow.

Drop this sense of entitlement and just be happy to be alive.

Instead of fighting bad circumstances and wondering “why me?” Recognize that it is what it is, and that you can only control so much – one of those things being the way you act in a negative situation and the way you let it shape you.

You are alive. Let that be enough — and allow yourself to feel childlike happiness and gratitude for the good that happens. All good. No matter how minute and inconsequential it may seem.



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